Brass Bowl

About Us

From the beginning, we wanted to give the community an excellent dining experience with fresh, healthy food. We were founded by Robert Newhart, who wanted to create a menu that was flavorful, healthy, and is presented beautifully; while being at an approachable price. Our menu is simply stated a lifestyle menu. Lifestyle is more than where you live or what you wear; we believe what you use to fuel your lifestyle is equally important. Eating great doesn't have to be a flavorless punishment. It is for this reason our culinary team has prepared some of the most compelling flavor profiles in the area using fresh and healthy ingredients. We believe in protecting the environment, responsibly sourcing our ingredients, and supporting as many local businesses as possible. Whether you want to enjoy one of our bowls, flat breads, or Juices, everything is made from scratch with sustainable and fresh ingredients. At Brass Bowl Kitchen & Juicery, we are where casual meets gourmet.

Eating healthy no longer means eating without flavor or depth of menu selections.